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A simple flight simulator in C++11/OpenGL.

Features a procedurally generated infinite terrain over which you can fly around. With explosions!


WASD or Arrow keys to change the plane’s direction. Click anywhere on the screen and move the mouse to rotate the camera, and scroll to change zoom.

Command line arguments:

usage: Fly [options...]

-h   | --help        Print this help text and exit
-w X | wX            Set window width to X (default: 1024)
-H Y | HY            Set window height to Y (default: 720)
-s Z | sZ            Set seed to Z (default: random seed)
-f   | --fullscreen  Set fullscreen mode (default: false)
--wireframe          Render in wireframe mode (default: false)
--plane-box          Draw a bounding box around the plane (default: false)

YouTube Playlist:

Link to YouTube Playlist


You need:

Once you have the dependencies, run cmake on the source directory, if the dependencies aren’t in a standard path, you may have to specify their paths. e.g., on Linux/OS X/FreeBSD:

$ git clone
$ cd Fly
$ mkdir build/ && cd build/
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4

On Windows, you might find cmake-gui useful, set the build and source directories, run configure. If dependencies weren’t found, add their paths in the gui, then generate makefiles/Visual Studion solution to compile.